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STEM Newsletter Issue 1: Nov 16th 2020

 Dear Readers,

We are team Planet Robotics, a FIRST LEGO League team consisting of 7 middle schoolers. Here is some information about us.

  • First Place Champions team from Rhode Island

  • Made it to Razorback Invitational 2019 in Arkansas, and World Festival, Detroit 2020

  • #4 place alternate for Global Innovation Award 2020

  • Conducted free Rubik’s Cube workshops in our communities and have taught over 125 kids how to solve the 3x3 cube.

As you can guess, we are keen on Science,Technology Engineering and Math activities. Here are some of our STEM activities.

The reason we are reaching out to you today is because we wanted to compile a list of the STEM events going on in our area(Rhode Island and Massachusetts) by starting a bi-weekly newsletter. In this unprecedented time, we think it's very important that we continue to raise awareness around STEM which helps create critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

Here's our first newsletter.

  • Woods Hole Data Jam: Grades 6-12 Analyze data and present findings  through Art. The Northeast U.S. Shelf Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is again hosting Data Jam, a competition in which teams of middle- or high-school students graph, analyze, and interpret a set of data (already gathered by Woods Hole scientists) and creatively present their findings as a compelling, data-based story that is communicated to the general public through art, music, dance, or other medium of expression. The competition is available in three different levels: Easy, Moderate, and Challenging. Each team needs a teachers or other adult as an advisor, and advisors must register their interest. Projects must be submitted online by February 15. For more information, see the Contest Essentials page or contact Annette Brickley at

  • Science Olympiad launches mySO for grades 6-12: Science Olympiad runs annual STEM Olympiad tournaments for middle and high school students and has recently launched a new, nine-month program, MySO, for all students in Grades 6-12 who love STEM and want to stay engaged in learning. MySO offers free STEM session videos and lesson plans with new topics each month, such as epidemiology and space. Students may also purchase $10 admissions to monthly STEM Showdowns to compete in these topics with other students nationwide in Division B (Grades 6-9) or Division C (Grades 10-12).

  • Planet Robotics Junior FLL Information Webinar Dec 11,5-6pm register here 

  1. Junior FLL session will run from Jan- March, one class(60 min) every week.

  2. Showcase will be in a remote setting this season, we will be compiling a video submission about our team's project. There might be a zoom call for judging for the Junior FLL showcase. Junior FLL showcase date has not been announced yet.

  3. Junior FLL tuition will be $125. It will include an Engineering Notebook, PLAYMAKERS edition LEGO's and the team T-shirt.

  4. Families will need to purchase their own LEGO WeDo2.0 kits( about $225 on Amazon)

  • All About Atari 8-Bit Programming  Tuesday November 24, 2020  7:00 PM until 9:00 PM at Rhode Island Computer Museum The Atari 8-Bit computers such as the Atari 400 and 800 were affordable, fun, and capable machines for their time. Despite the 1 megahertz CPU, scarce memory (between 4 and 128 KB), programmers, especially game developers, could get a lot out of these machines. You can learn a lot about computer programming and computer architecture by programming these older machines. Because they have simpler architecture than modern computers, you can even program them in machine language with little pain. In this workshop, Arduino Cookbook co-author Brian Jepson will show you the many ways you can program an Atari 8-bit, in BASIC or Assembler: -Using an emulator running on a computer, Raspberry Pi or mobile device -With a web-based emulator (assembler/C) -Using a Twitter bot -On a real Atari computer This event will be streamed. 

  • Interesting space articles from 

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