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Online Rubik's cube Workshop

Planet Robotics is hosting an online Rubik's cube workshop, for ages 7 and up. Adults also welcome! If younger children(ages 9 and below) would like to participate, we ask that a parent be near to help the children with reading instructions. The details will be posted shortly.

 Here are some images from our previous workshops:

At this online workshop, we will be using the Zoom software to conduct the meeting. 

         First, the team will show a step in the solve, such as the "daisy", (from the youcandothecube website - linked below), and the students will be able to complete that step for practice. Then, we will move to the next steps after about 10 minutes, after most students have completed the step successfully. 

         We recommend using an online cube, and not a real cube for this workshop, as we will not be able to help the students directly. If the student gets stuck during the solve, we will request remote access to their screen that they will approve (of course if that is okay with the parents). If you don't want your screen to be controlled, we can help by giving tips verbally. 

Here are the links that we will be using: